Code by Martijn Vermaat

Some of the code I wrote over the years ended up on the web. Most of it comes with a free software license (if unclear, ask).

A selection follows.

A formalisation of the basic notions from infinitary term rewriting in the Coq proof assistant, the final project for my Master in theoretical computer science.

Check uit, check in (Dutch), a window into public opinion on the Dutch ov-chipkaart system. In HTML5 and jQuery.

Greasemonkey user scripts. For Lambda the Utimate,, and the VU Blackboard system.

An online tool (Dutch) for calculating scores in the Dutch Athletics competition, optimized for the iPhone. In HTML5 and jQuery.

A PHP4 library providing access to the Google AdWords API v2009.

Britney, a simple untyped Lambda Calculus interpreter, written in Java.

A graphical tool for playing with Turing Machines. Implemented in OCaml, GTK2 and Cairo.

The Countdown Problem in OCaml.

My homepage at the VU University Amsterdam. Implemented as an Apache Ant project with XML source files and XSL transformations.

kiek!, the generator for my photoblog. In Python.

There are many other bits and pieces in my Subversion repositories.