AdWords API PHP4 Client Library

A PHP4 library that provides access to the Google AdWords API v2009.


Now that the Google AdWords API has moved from version v13 to version v2009, there no longer is a client library for PHP4.

The APIlity Library is deprecated and only implements API version v13, while the new AdWords API PHP Client Library implements API version v2009 but is only compatible with PHP 5.2.

Any site still running PHP4 should seriously consider upgrading, but this can take some time and effort. In the mean time, this library can be used to access the AdWords API from PHP4.


This library is not meant to be a complete and rigorous implementation of the v2009 API, but a temporary workable abstraction for the most basic API tasks. More involved operations are likely to stay unimplemented.

For the moment, the library is focussed on managing ad group criteria and is very incomplete otherwise.


Tested on

both using NuSOAP 0.7.3.


Version 0.2, 2010-02-03: adwords-api-php4-0.2.tar.gz (changelog)

Or clone the latest development version from GitHub:

git clone


Martijn Vermaat (


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0